Introducing Bioheart.

We’re on a mission to improve lives by making the most accurate heart data available to everyone.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death, but individuals suffering with or at risk for heart issues have no means of managing their lifestyle. Unlike other conditions, heart issues are intermittent, requiring continuous monitoring. So we started with the idea of continuous data and began the mission of creating Bioheart.

Continuous data is critical. Most fitness trackers and monitors don’t continuously record your heart, leaving you without the full picture.

Bioheart is the first of its kind – a continuous heart rhythm monitor using advanced technology that was previously only available with a prescription.

Bioheart is perfect for anyone who wants a simple way to keep track of their heart health, or anyone who wants to use the most precise technology available to optimize their fitness. Track metrics like heart rate and view high-quality electrical heart rhythm right on your phone to check the performance of your heart.

Bioheart’s electrical heart rhythm monitoring with 3 different heart views, superior accuracy, and powerful personalized features will help you take the next step in improving your heart health – wherever you’re at.

Why choose Bioheart?

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Continuous 24/7 Monitoring

Bioheart records your electrical heart activity continuously while you wear it, giving you reliable, 24/7 data to deliver the most accurate health insights on your heart. Bioheart is suitable for everyday use, and compatible with any lifestyle and activity level. Bioheart precisely captures your heart rhythm during strenuous exercise like running or cardio, or as you go about your daily routine. 

Removable & Washable Fabric Strap

Bioheart’s removable and washable fabric strap is breathable, waterproof, and designed for comfort while maximizing performance. Easily remove and replace the strap, and get started hassle-free – no electrode prep required, ever.

Pairs with most Smartphones

Bioheart is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Download the app on the iOS App or Google Play store on your phone to get started.


Bluetooth 4.2.0

Bioheart uses Bluetooth 4.2.0 to pair with your smartphone – easily set up, sync, and start monitoring in seconds.

Easily Share your Reports

Your data is viewable live and saved in the app for you to review later. Easily export and share your data with a physician for a deeper understanding of your heart trends.

Certified Healthcare Professional Review

Have your data reviewed by a certified healthcare professional every 90 days, upon request.

Unlock all the benefits of long-term insights​

Unlock all the benefits

of long-term insights​

Our vision behind Bioheart was to create a tool that has long-term insights into your heart. Truly continuous data collection is a lot of data! Storing and reviewing that data on a mobile device is difficult. To help, we’ve developed Biosphere, a web environment that allows you to store unlimited amounts of data.

Biosphere is included with your Bioheart subscription, and gives you the most accurate data on your heart available to help you understand and optimize your heart health, with features like retrospective snapshots and summary reports.

What is Biosphere?

Biosphere and Bioheart work together to give you unlimited storage, Heart Rhythm snapshots, report sharing, and more. With Biosphere, you’ll have immediate access to all features when they’re added to the app.

Biosphere comes integrated with access to certified healthcare professionals who can review your data, once every 90 days, at your request!











Plus Subscription Plan​

*First year subscription included

**Every 90 days upon request

Biosphere Includes:

Data and Cloud Storage in App

Get unlimited data storage in the Bioheart app and on the web. Save and store all your data to track your progress and gain deeper insights on your heart health.

Full Historical Snapshots

Get complete access to your Heart Rhythm history. Easily retrieve snapshots of your heart activity from past days, months, and even years – from anytime you’ve worn Bioheart.

Create and Share Reports

Biosphere lets you create detailed reports from your heart rate and Heart Rhythm snapshots and share them with your physician, care team, or anyone whenever you need.

Unlimited Snapshots

Create unlimited snapshots of your heart activity to view later. Manage, review, and share your snapshots on your own time, without missing any of your data.

Automatic Updates

Receive the latest features and updates through automatic and unlimited software upgrade. à Receive the latest features and updates through automatic and unlimited software upgrades.

Certified Healthcare Professional Review

Have your data reviewed by a Healthcare Professional every 90 days, upon request!

Bioheart will only use your information for notifications and for special promotions or offers. We will never share or sell your information with any other party. Bioheart believes in your health and privacy.