Frequently Asked Questions:

Bioheart is the most accurate heart monitor available without a prescription. Bioheart’s 24/7 electrical heart rhythm monitoring with 3 different views of the heart addresses the need for real time, continuous heart monitoring by using the same technology trusted by physicians. Bioheart makes this technology accessible to you, along with advanced analytics developed to help you understand your heart health.

Monitoring your heart’s electrical activity can help recognize abnormalities that can’t be seen by capturing pulse or heart rate activity through other sensors, like the optical ones most smartwatches use. Optical sensors that measure your heart rate in smartwatches can’t measure electrical activity, and while some watches do have sensors that can measure electrical activity, they can only record for a short amount of time.

Many heart problems are intermittent and won’t be caught by using a tracker that only records your heart for 30 seconds, so wearing a monitor that can record your heart continuously ensures that you don’t miss any important data. Bioheart is safer, more precise, and more effective than a smartwatch for heart monitoring.

Your heart rate is an important predictor of overall health and fitness. Heart rate can measure multiple systems simultaneously: your cardiovascular system (heart), the pulmonary system (lungs), and the rate at which your body is consuming oxygen (which can tell you about fitness, recovery, and strain). Keeping track of these measurements can tell you where your health is at – and help get you where you want to be.

If you have a family history of heart disease, it’s a good idea to start paying attention to your heart as early as possible. Monitoring can help you catch warning signs early – and continuous tracking will give you the most effective preventative solution to ensure you won’t be caught off guard.

Smartwatches that have electrical heart rhythm recording capabilities are manual capture and can only record for a short amount of time. Most use optical sensors to track heart rate that measure changes in blood flow, not electrical activity. Bioheart captures your heart’s electrical activity continuously while you wear it, so you’ll always have a complete picture of your heart’s activity.

Devices that have more than 3 views are not giving you more than three true views.

Electrical views of your heart are collected through data from across your heart using two unique points. For example, the maximum number of views you can get from 2 contacts is 1 view. You can calculate to create other views, but they are estimates only – not the true signal. Other monitors that calculate more views are just providing you an estimate of your heart’s activity.

Bioheart has 3 true views for your heart data with continuous monitoring – giving you the most accurate and precise picture of your heart available. It’s possible to calculate more views using Bioheart, but they wouldn’t add any value to the data. We put accuracy first.

Data is stored on the device and synced with the cloud once connectivity with the app is restored. The Bioheart device can store up to 30 days of data before requiring a sync with the App.

Bioheart’s fabric strap is machine washable. To clean Bioheart’s device, gently clean with a disinfectant wipe.

Biotricity’s Limited Warranty is in addition to your consumer law rights.

We will be happy to cancel your subscription within 30 days of subscription purchase. Devices must be sent back unworn and unwashed to receive a full cancellation. Refunds will be issued to the original form of payment.

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